We Have The Space That's Right For Your Belongings

We Have The Space That's Right For Your Belongings

Safe. Affordable. Convenient.

We are committed to providing our customers with a safe, affordable and convenient self storage facility. Our individual storage units start at 5 feet wide by 10 feet deep and go up to 14 x 45. Our Yakima, Washington location offers senior (65+), military and multi-unit discounts!

Need help deciding what size unit to rent? Give our office a call, we would be glad to help!

Individual Storage Units

Size Examples:

  • 5x10 Small furniture, business supplies, linens, kitchen items and small boxes
  • 10x10 A complete one bedroom home or an apartment with major appliances
  • 10x15 A complete two bedroom home, or as a small commercial warehouse
  • 10x20 A complete three bedroom home, small recreational vehicles, or commercial inventory
  • 10x30 A complete five bedroom home with additional room for large size storage boxes
  • 15x20 Ideal for any Yakima, Washington family home, or as storage for a medium size business
  • 12x30 A vehicle trailer, a boat, a full five bedroom home complete with major appliances
  • 15x45 Small vehicles, trailers, large commercial inventory, furniture for a full home